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If you are looking for a leading manufacturer of infrared heating technology for your outdoor patio look no further. Infratech is the pioneer and leading maker of infrared technology. Infratech has been manufacturing high quality heaters for the last fifty years. Infratech offers the largest selection, most efficient line of infrared heating for the lowest price in the industry. Infratech heaters are environmentally friendly and safe to be used indoors or outdoors. Since Infratech heaters use infrared technology they do not require ventilation and emit no greenhouse gasses. Whether you are heating a small quaint outdoor patio or a complex resort Infratech has the heating technology to suit your needs. Infrared energy is unique in that is only emits heat to solid objects such as a person, table or floor. Rather than heating the air Infratech warms the people around the heater. Infrared technology allows heat to be distributed evenly and the heat doesn’t just blow away. The pleasing glow of the Infratech heaters adds to the overall ambiance of the evening while warming you and your guests. Infratech is committed to creating high quality products that are sure to exceed your expectations.

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